Please excuse us while we grow.

1. Happy 1 month birthday to Henry! There will be pics, sorry not today.

2. I'm going to take this opportunity to tell you about my child. Since this is my blog, I can do that. 

3. Elliot was sitting on the couch with me this morning and asked to hold Henry. So I propped them up and went to make some toast for Elliot and I. Henry started crying and Elliot says, "Mom, Henry needs a bottle. Can you fix him one, so I can feed him?" Absolutely, that is what I am talking about! Big brother knowing needs of the little one and then feeding him! 

4. Elliot's imagination is, well I'm having trouble describing it with a word. Our couch cushions are often on the floor acting as boats that are keeping us from the sharks in the ocean. Almost anything can turn into a fishing pool, including his toy drill attached to his toy paint brush. His bicycle quickly changes from a fire truck to ambulance and then tractor. (all of which are required to wear helmets while they work!) 

5. If you stop by for a visit between late afternoon and bedtime, Please excuse the mess. There will be toys everywhere, part of the supper dishes will still be out, and the counter will be cluttered. I assure you I have straightened and cleaned up no less than 3 times before supper, but it will be all over the place again.  I will clean and straighten most of it again when the kids are in bed, but just take this as my apology and fair warning. (Because you will probably find me sitting in the floor building blocks with my kids!)

6. We started tonight trying to rework our bedtime routine since Henry's arrival.  We started at 7:45 with a snack, followed by a bath and then to bed. Henry took a quick dip in the bath with Elliot, pjs, and then his snack came after bath and during story time. I left Elliot (with no tears) in his bed after reading a few books. I swaddled Henry and laid him in his bed awake (this is a first for me). I checked on Elliot a good half hour later only to find him decorating his bed with stickers. I left him alone. He was quiet and in his bed. Check and check!  Two more times with him trading out his books and reading pictures. More than an hour later he was finally sleeping. Again, no tears, no fuss, it was a good night! 


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